When should I file an insurance claim?

New York – Regardless of what insurance companies tell you, we understand why everyone fears reporting a minor accident. This is especially true when it is not your fault.

General wisdom has it that minor claims will cause your insurance company to increase your premiums or worse, they may not renew you. We agree. Insurance companies generally have standard practice as follows:

  • Once an accident (or damage) occurs – there is a greater chance another will occur will be forthcoming
  • Past history of claims will be an indicative of future claims

Nevertheless, we believe that you should report all accidents that affect other people Why? No matter how small an accident may seem at the time – facts can change, people forget their memories and people call their attorneys.

Although you should check specific legal requirements of your state, generally, if you do not have to report a minor accident in which only your car or property was damaged (i.e., car swerved and hit a curb), we believe that you should consider absorbing the loss of repairs yourself. The same goes for any damage below the amount of your deductible.


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